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DMAW Webinar on Website/URL Remarketing


Tuesday, August 2  | 12NOON – 1:00PM

Have you ever been to a website and noticed banner ads for product, service or another organization from a website you visited recently?  Or, have you received an email follow-up with tailored content based on a recent website visit?

If you have, you’ve been remarketed! 

While it may seem slightly mysterious when it happens – and it happens regularly – would you like to know when and how to do it?

Learn how remarketing can help you capture the attention of donors, members and potential customers in a new way.

Tuesday, August 2 — 12 noon – 1:00 PM

 Members:  FREE

Not-Yet-Members:  $49

Join Marty Donner, Chief Revenue Officer of eWay Direct for the DMAW August Webinar and learn remarketing as a part of your online acquisition strategies!

We all know how crowded the direct marketing space can get and how tricky it is to turn site visitors into repeat users.  Remarketing gives you the tools to target website visitors with tailored content on other sites and via email after they leave your site – turning those one-time visitors into repeat users interested in your organization.  It’s timely, relevant and personalized to their interest and behaviors, making it easy for them to see why your organization, cause, product or service is a good fit for them.

Don’t hesitate to tap into an emerging direct marketing tool that will give your online acquisition strategies a boost!

This webinar is complimentary to members!  So I hope you will take advantage of this member benefit and REGISTER TODAY for this not-to-be-missed and soon upon us webinar!

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